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Title: A Well-Timed Rescue
Author: Ragna ([personal profile] penaltywaltz)
Fandoms: Doctor Who/Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Donna Noble, Harold Saxon & Greg Lestrade
Rating: PG
Warnings: Attempt at sexual assault
Summary: Donna finds herself in a sticky situation with a higher-up, but Greg arrives in a surprisingly well-timed moment to come to her rescue.
Authors Notes: Part of my “The Private Lives Of Teachers” series.
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As you all know, I'm a huge Whovian, so when parodies come out I'm very critical of them. They have to embody the passion, tone, and feel of the show. They also have to feel as if they have the same level of admiration I do for the film or show. That being said, The Hillywood Show has done a fabulous job creating this Doctor Who and Time Warp parody!

See it at
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Donna Noble, super temp, was having quite an odd day. First, a red corvette went speeding by her, with what looked like a human sized fish driving. Then that handsome man in the long coat pulled her over to ask about it, using her cousin Greg's police ID. Oh how she yelled at him for impersonating a cop!


Greg Lestrade has had some strange days over his years with NSY. Working with Sherlock Holmes tended to do that. But this must take the cake. First the blue box appears in the middle of his crime scene, then his cousin Donna comes out? Where was Sherlock when you needed him to explain everything?


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